Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Night Lake

I saw this scene one night, except it wasn't over a lake. Still, the moon was huge and it did rise from behind a distant mountain.

Night Lake, 6.5"x10"

This is the second painting involving the moon I've posted in a row. It must be some sort of phase I'm going through.



RobPad said...

Your moons are great!

I still remember you teaching us that there's lots of ways to draw the sun.

Oscar Solis said...

You remember that? Wow!

There's an artist named John Burningham, who creates children's books, who creates some of the best suns I've ever seen.

Måns Sjöberg said...

Love it!

Oscar Solis said...

Thank you Måns.

I love painting the moon. As a subject, it's beautiful in all it's phases and even when it's glowing from behind a cloud.