Sunday, March 30, 2014

Moon Of The King

T-Rex is my favorite dinosaur. So I thought it would be fun to work on one.

Moon Of The King, approx 8.5" x 8.5"

I laid color over color, allowing blooms, runs and what not to occur. I mixed watercolor with white gouache, a real no-no among modern purists who work in watercolor (although guys like Sargeant, Homer and Turner were okay with it, but, then again, what did they know). After I'd painted it I went at it with black india ink and brush, going for an almost calligraphic feel.

MaimeriBlu watercolors on Canson XL watercolor paper (not bad stuff once you figure out what makes it tick).

Till the next one. Let me know what you think.



RobPad said...

I like to imagine the t-rex is what became of the woman from the last post--t-rex by full moon.

The vermillion highlights on the t-rex compliment the impressive brightness achieved in that full moon, which seems to almost be leering at the t-rex through that cloud.

Oscar Solis said...

I didn't catch it but you are right. Red hair, red dino skin. Green eyes on both as well as night skies. Must have been a theme going on in my head. Wow.

I'll have to be more watchful now :)

Måns Sjöberg said...

I don't know where all those purist ideas come from. I use whatever accessible to get where I want.

Oscar Solis said...

Sigh...I don't know where those purist ideas come from either. Frankly, it's frustrating. I have only two basic rules and they are are:

1) The paint must be lightfast.

2) The paper must be acid free.

The reason is that I want my originals to last (even if all anyone ever sees are reproductions). Everything else is up for grabs. What matters is the final result and part of the joy of painting is letting it lead me where it will. I spent too many years as an illustrator, straightjacketed by other's ideas and how the image had to should look. I see this as my time.

One of the reasons I stopped posting and visiting the Wetcanvas watercolor forums was I felt there were too many rules. Very dogmatic (not everyone, but enough). As an example, anytime someone mentioned that they used student grade watercolors it seemed that the first thing that many responders posted were that they should switch to artist's grade. The same with paper. I think it's important to keep an open mind when it comes to supplies and techniques and also to remember that sometimes the best way to learn something is to throw the "rules" out the window.

I use a mix of Artist and Student watercolors (MaimeriBlu, Van Gogh and Cotman). I like how they work together and I've had no problems. As for paper, I'll try anything as long as it is acid free. Surprisingly, I really enjoy painting on index card stock.

Thank you for your post and also I apologize for being long winded in my reply.