Friday, January 3, 2014


A little bit late to say Happy New Year, but, what the heck, Happy New Year!

I've been so busy with work lately that I hardly had any time to draw for myself. Things have finally calmed down and my routine has been set so I can start drawing my own stuff on a regular basis.

Today's sketch is of an Apache. I went a little wild with the line work, applied the color liberally and had a great time. I'm sending off the original to Warren Sattler, an artist and cartoonist whose work has long been a favorite of mine.

Apache, 8.25" x 10.5"

I look forward to any comments you may have.



Måns Sjöberg said...

Great job! Nice, simple composition.

Oscar Solis said...

Thanks Måns. I had a fun time working on it. I could have pulled back on the line work but I was in the moment. It's always interesting to see where these things will go.

I may end up doing more western themed artwork. Odd, when I was younger you couldn't get me to see a western, but now I'drather see a western film over most of the science fiction, fantasy and action films that are released today.

Angela said...

Thank you for sharing your blog address. I have really enjoyed looking at the pictures you have posted and reading some of your comments. :)

Oscar Solis said...

Thanks Angela. I hope the comments have been fun and informative and most all gives an indication of how much I love drawing.

I am planning to post more, as soon as my schedule clears up.

K.H.K. said...

A certain nobility of character is captured by you quite well here.

Oscar Solis said...


Mandy said...

I really like this one too Dad!