Thursday, November 7, 2013


Winter is starting to make itself known.

Winter, original 7.375" x 10"

I started drawing without any pre-concieved idea. One line leads to another until I had the rough pencil sketch. From there it was on to ink. I kept the colors subdued as I wanted a feeling of cold.

I think I ended up with a scene that could have fit into one of Charles Dickens books, that is if he was wont to write about a mouse.

Pen and ink with watercolor on bristol board.



Måns Sjöberg said...

Wonderful paintings! I'll become a regular visitor! /Måns

Oscar Solis said...

Thank you. If anyone wants to see some wonderful wildlife paintings head on over to Mans blog:

But wildlife isn't all he does. You'll find figures, landscapes and architecture. All of it excellent.

K.H.K. said...

Cute and very charming!

Oscar Solis said...

Thanks. It's one I really like.