Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Creature

Today (or rather, tonight) it's The Creature:

The Creature

The film Frankenstein, starring the great actor Boris Karloff and released in 1931, was the first horror film to make an impact on me.  I shall always be grateful to my parents who let me watch it at the age of seven. It may have given me nightmares but it was also the doorway to a love of art, storytelling, comics, children's books, history, scary movies, animation, ghost stories, illustration and more. So I was surprised when reading the novel to find it wasn't the horror show that countless movies have made of it. It was, instead, a sad mediation on loneliness, rejection and revenge. It was a great read.

My version is closer to the novel's description of Frankenstein's sad creation rather than the makeup created on Karloff by Jack Pierce. It was drawn with brush and india ink on 110lb index card stock.

A tidbit: Dr. Frankenstein was no doctor. It's been a long while since I read the novel but, if I remember correctly, he was a medical school dropout who was barely out of his teens when he decided to embark on his little experiment.

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RobPad said...

The skin texture you used is great.

Did you see the Guillermo del Toro Simpson's couch gag? So many classic Hollywood monsters there.

This post makes me want to re-read Frankenstein and pay better attention this time.

Oscar Solis said...

Thanks. I'm torn between the book's description and the Universal Studios film's make-up.

I did see the Del Toro couch gag. It was great although I have to say I prefer the Bill Plympton couch gag where Homer had a relationship with the couch before he met Marge. Too funny and wild. I'm curious to see what other director's would do with it.

I still read the Frankenstein novel every now and then. The story behind the writing of the book is interesting to read.